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Home Security and Why You Need It

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April 7, 2021

ome Security and Why You Need It

Anyone who has ever come home to find they have been burgled knows the sick feeling of violation. In the UK, it is known that Britain has the best burglars in Europe, according to a study by the European Union. The results, which were published in an article by the Sunday Times, discovered that break-ins in affluent areas are more likely to be successful than anywhere else, even though householders are also the most likely to have burglar alarms. This alarming fact means that an ordinary alarm bought in your local DIY store may not be sufficient to protect you and your family or business from the terror of being robbed. This is why at CLOSE PROTECTION 1, we offer high-quality, top end, state of the art home security systems.

Home security is a must for the elite. Aside from installing a burglar alarm system, there is a wide range of ways which CLOSE PROTECTION 1 can do to make your home safer. When deciding what route to undergo, consider each possible entry point to your home, such as doors and windows, to see how they could be improved.

Regarding deciding how good your home security is, keep in mind opportunistic burglaries. It is commonly known that in affluent areas, burglars scope out properties beforehand, sometimes working with others. It is therefore important to think about measures to ensure your home looks occupied at all times, and that there are not any clear places where a potential burglar could hide to assess the house, and that their entrance to the house is visible and difficult.

Some quick and easy tips on how to get your homes looking secure is to have outside security lights installed. Outdoor lights, either ones that you switch on manually or those that are set off by movement, are a good way to ensure a burglar is more visible, which will help to put them off. For indoor lighting, the key thing is to make sure that a burglar thinks people are in the house, even when they are not. Home security cameras are a very smart way of keeping your home secure. Installing CCTV or wireless security cameras (either indoors or outside) can be an extra security measure to put burglars off.

Contact CP1 for the best home security systems available.

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