Estate Surveillance
Whether in residence or vacated, our estate surveillance service provides you with a non-intrusive, discreet and reassuring presence, ensuring peace of mind and protection.

Asset Protection & Transportation
We supply asset protection of high value cash and items, when static in location and during transportation, for individuals and businesses around the world.

Security Systems
We undertake a full threat and risk site assessment of your property and provide bespoke recommendations utilising our own leading innovative technological system APEX-01. Our advanced technical system APEX-01 offers protection and prevention against all aspects of break-in and theft. Our systems are invariably installed to work in conjunction with a 24/7 manned guarding solution.


One-On-One Protection
Our guards are fully trained to escort and safeguard individual clients on their daily activities such as errand running, fitness training, work and leisure.

Our portfolio of covert protection guards will deliver a completely discreet service while ensuring the client is shielded from harm.

Chaperone Services
We can provide protection guards with the dynamic skill set acquired to escort children, family members and pets locally and domestically.  

Concierge Liaison
With a vibrant portfolio of hotels, restaurants and lifestyle services we can manage or assist in a complete luxury experience when the client is visiting or residing temporarily in London / Manchester.


High Profile Events
Our vast and diverse team of guards can be provided to be responsible for assessing any safety risks or security threats that could affect the event, staff, and our clients.

On- Set Protection
We can offer protection on production sets in film and television. This service includes one on one protection for high profile person(s), safeguarding from intrusion of press or general protection for the entire production.

Our guards are fully trained to escort and safeguard individual clients at high profile /  televised and private events. This can be offered as undercover protection.

High Profile Events | Under Cover Guards
Red Carpet Events | T.V Production | Music Videos
Annual Events | Charity Balls | Gala’s  
Product Launch Events


Our Guards travel with you to anywhere in the world and ensure your protection is never compromised. Our guards all have experience across the Globe in countries like Africa, South Africa, Middle East, UAE, Asia, and Israel.

Private Jet Charter Service
Our private jet charter service ensures your complete safety and privacy across the entirety of your journey, without compromising on the high quality of your experience.  

International Chaperone Service
Our international chaperone service guarantees the safety of those under our protection throughout transit and can be distributed to cover the needs of multiple travellers.  

One-On-One Protection
Our one on one protection ensures total safety throughout your trip, tailored to your needs and the individual challenges of the location and local cultures.


Phone Security
Are you suspicious your phone has been hackedDid you know that your partner can see your activity on your phone

Car Security
Has your car been tampered with a recording deviceA Gps may be fitted on your vehicle to follow you

Home / Hotel Debugging
Hidden cameras recording you, Non visible audio devices listening to all movements

Partner Suspicion
Are you suspicious of your partner having an affair

Do you feel unsafe going about your day to day life because you feel as though you are being watched or followed?


Our home security service provides you with a discreet and reassuring presence. We undertake a complete threat and risk assessment at your property, utilising our own leading initiative technological systems that protect and prevent all aspects of break-ins. We also provide 24-hour security guards with K-9 dog patrol trained to handle all incidents.

Whether your home or business premise requires extra security, employing a security guard dog handler can be one of the most effective risk deterrents. Often, the mere presence of a protection dog discourages any attempts to break in.

In addition, we offer a full range of CCTV security solutions to safeguard your assets, people and residence against any aspects of crime. You can rely on our professional team for installation and monitoring services. Our services also extend to security doors and alarm systems.


We offer exceptional luxury travel services, with our fleet including Mercedes S-Class, G-Class, G900 and Rolls-Royce Phantom VII vehicles. The Mercedes S-Class is in a class of its own, setting the standard for luxurious and prestigious journeys. The Mercedes G-Class is unrivalled in creating awe with a unique, boxy design and intimidating road presence. It is the perfect car if you want to make a statement upon arrival.

In addition, the G900 provides safety and comfort with a spacious interior, and it offers options for storage, charging electronics and transporting more guests. The Phantom VIII boasts the quietest cabin Rolls-Royce has ever created and provides a pleasant and tranquil environment. The Phantom’s state-of-the-art technology assures nothing takes away from the sheer pleasure of smooth travel.


CP1’s experienced team provides services for assessing any safety risks or security threats that could affect the event, staff and clients. Our guards are highly skilled to safeguard and escort individual clients to high-profile and private occasions.

We also offer trained guards to serve as undercover protection. Whether your sporting event takes place in a large stadium or outdoors, our professionals are there to ensure the event is secure.


Close Protection 1 provides an elite and reserved cyber security service to protect our clients' personal information. Daily, online hackers try to obtain personal information and bank account details, using this information to blackmail and extort. Today’s technology has also become quite simple for individuals or companies to exploit, where perpetrators install bugging devices to listen to private conversations and messages.

With our solutions, we protect you from becoming a victim. Close Protection 1 specialises in detecting hidden tracking devices and remote audio devices to ensure cyber privacy. We also cover all aspects of personal and corporate surveillance.


Our fully trained private eye experts understand personal and corporate issues in today’s fast-paced world. From investigating merital infidelity to corporate fraud, CP1 investigators have the skill set to uncover the truth.

If someone has tampered with your vehicle, they may have installed a recording device or hidden GPS tracker that can make you feel unsafe in your day-to-day life. Our debugging solution detects any hidden cameras recording you at home or in a hotel, for example, removing all visible and non-visible devices that monitor and listen to your movements.

Our private eye and vehicle security investigators are highly skilled and trained to deal with any situation.


CP1 guards travel with you anywhere in the world and ensure your safety remains uncompromised. Our guards have security experience across the globe in regions across Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, the UAE, Asia and Israel.

Our one-on-one protection ensures complete safety throughout your trip, tailored to your needs and the individual challenges of the location and local cultures.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your particular requirements for tailored security packages.


Our professional security guards are experts in the intricacies of red carpet events. Educated in managing large crowds, our guards keep a watchful eye out for potential threats before they become significant problems. This service includes one-on-one protection for high-profile persons, safeguarding from the intrusion of the press, or providing general security for the entire event.

CP1’s dedicated and diverse team of security guards, from front-of-house security and mobile patrols to crowd control and emergency planning, ensures that any event runs smoothly and everyone stays safe. When your guests arrive, they feel instant reassurance from the presence of our guards and know that safety is the number one concern.

Along with security services for large events, our security guards take responsibility for the safety of your family and guests at a private or family event. Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday party or baby shower, we will ensure no uninvited person spoils the festivities. We have robust procedures in place, protecting everyone as soon as they enter and leave the venue. In addition, our guards watch for those who are not on the guest list, delivering discreet service while shielding our clients from any danger.

We also offer a private jet charter service that ensures complete safety and privacy without compromising on the high quality of your experience. Our international chaperone service guarantees the safety of those under our protection throughout transit, and it can be distributed to cover the needs of multiple travellers.




We trust to make the process of lifestyle protection less complicated, our integral goal is to ensure the client feels completely secure and we are passionate about delivering the number one protection service in the world

CLOSE PROTECTION 1 specialises in protecting VIP clientele, high net worth individuals, and globally recognized personalities. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector we understand that each client requires a unique service.  Our patent-pending services are intricately tailored to suit the VIP client’s individual requirements and our attention to execution aims to exceed all expectations. CP1’s flawless & discreet service means our clientele can safely conduct business and socialise without being concerned about their safety.

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lose Protection One is an independent, prestigious private protection and training company based in Mayfair London, operating in all parts of the UK. CP1 offers an unrivalled team of dedicated male and female Close Protection Guards who are expertly trained in risk assessment, hostile environments,  home protection, personal protection, event protection and international protection.

With over 20 years of experience in luxury lifestyle management and premium protection, our main objective is to offer a bespoke service that will protect you, your family and your livelihood in superior comfort and ease.

The majority of our guards have extensive experience in miltarial, policing and high risk security roles.  All of our guards are trained and licensed by QNUK and   approved by CLOSE PROTECTION 1’s Training Programme. CP1’s meticulous recruitment screening , transferable skills and flawless in house training has created a superior team of trustworthy, experienced and unequaled individuals.

CLOSE PROTECTION 1’s training programme is awarded by QNUK and Highfield. Our course instructors come from military backgrounds with initial service in the infantry H.M Armed Forces. They have both served several years both on overt and covert operations in environments such as Northern Ireland during the height of the troubles in the early 1980s and on exercise with foreign domestic forces. They have served as advisors advisors and small unit’s tactics specialists during the balkans war and finished their uniformed military career in the ranks of the french foreign legion as airborne and amphibious operators with several live operations under their belts. Our Instructors operated in many environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Latin America, parts of Africa and Europe at the operational security and risk management levels.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector, we are the best in looking after ultra high net worth individuals. Providing the elite with top quality service and peace of mind, we know that they can safely conduct business and socialise without being concerned about the safety of themselves, their homes and their loved ones.